Ask me Anything about Interactive Installations

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Visual Arts

Course overview

In this session, we will explore the realm of immersive interactive installations and learn about the creative approaches cutting-edge tools and techniques used in the industry. Kyle is happy to answer questions related, design theory, creative approaches, production, as well as answer questions regarding tools such as  Max 8, TouchDesigner, Processing, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Arduino, DMX lighting, sensors, electronics and more! Have specific tools whether software or hardware in mind ? Leave a comment.

Please note, this session is not recorded and is only available to Going Deeper subscribers.

Who is this sessions for?

  • Designed for those who are looking to enhance their understanding and skills in creating immersive interactive installations, encompassing both creative and technical dimensions.

Session materials and Zoom link

  • Open the session in Zoom to access all the features


  • A going deeper subscription
  • Webcam and mic
  • A Zoom account

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Kyle Duffield is a Toronto based Interactive and Experience Design Professional who creates immersive interactive installations and brand activations. He is also known for his affiliation with the studio and former gallery, Electric Perfume. As an educator, and technical consultant, he has facilitated interactive media workshops and projects with institutions across Canada, Shanghai, and online. Currently, Kyle is participating in Cycling 74’s Max Certified Trainer Program, and is focusing on creating unforgettable technological experiences.

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