Embedded Residency 2012-13 (Tim Murray-Browne)

The Music Hackspace Studio

As a part of Sound and Music’s Embedded Composer programme, Music Hackspace hosted sound artist Tim Murray-Browne during a ten month residency. The composer in residency programme resulted in The Cave of Sounds, an interactive sound installation exploring the prehistoric origins of collective music making through the contemporary music hacker scene.

The work was created by composer in residence Tim Murray-Browne in collaboration with members of the Music Hackspace (Dom Aversano, Susanna Garcia & Borja Alexandre, Wallace Hobbes, Daniel Lopez, Tadeo Sendon, Panagiotis Tigas and Kacper Ziemianin) and debuted in London in August 2013.

In 2014, The Cave of Sounds was awarded the Sonic Arts Award (Digital Art category).

The final installation consists of a circular arrangement of eight bespoke digital musical instruments. Audience members are invited to experiment with the instruments together, explore the potential of creating music as a means to interact with new people and consider the intertwined history of music and technology.

Although music plays a greater role in our lives than ever before, creating music is an activity often limited to trained professionals. Made up of a set of newly conceived musical instruments, The Cave of Sounds seeks to disrupt the boundaries between performer and audience. Regardless of training, visitors are invited to actively participate and experiment with new ways of creating and connecting with each other through sound.

Each instrument has been designed and created over a period of eight months by a member of London’s Music Hackspace as a personal and interactive embodiment of the ideas and mind of its creator, whilst remaining intuitive to allow newcomers to express themselves.

In the hands of its audience, the work is crafted to provoke participants to connect and resonate with each other through musical expression. Software linking the instruments allows them to gently adjust their sounds to converge musically as well as detecting musical connections between participants and visualising them on a central floor projection of abstract shapes.


  • 90dB Festival Internazionale Arti Sonore, 11-14 September 2014. Exhibited at Ex-Cartiera Latina, the former Latina Paper Factory, as a part of the 90dB Festival of sonic arts.
  • Watermans Gallery, 1-3 November 2013.  Performing for the Arts and Technology Festival near Richmond, London.
  • The Victoria & Albert Museum, 21 September 2013. Exhibited for one day as a part of the V&A Digital Design Weekend and the London Design Week Festival.
  • Barbican Centre, 19-26 August 2013. The Cave of Sounds debuted on Level -1 of the Barbican as a part of Hack the Barbican.

Tim Murray-Browne

Tim Murray-Browne is a sound artist and creative coder based in London. He works primarily with installation and performance pieces that investigate themes of discovery, self-expression and how they relate through action, movement and sound. Drawing on technology, dance and the psychology of human-computer interaction, he seeks to create interactive works that rely on minimal instruction, highlighting how physical and social interactions inform our understanding of who we are, our place within the environment and our relationships with each other.

Murray-Browne’s recent work includes IMPOSSIBLE ALONE, an immersive soundscape that can be explored only through the synchronised movement of two individuals, created with the dancer Tiff Chan, and the Serendiptichord, a wearable musical instrument for dancers created with the artist Di Mainstone. It has been shown around the world at venues including the Barbican, the V&A, Berkeley Art Museum, Kinetica Art Fair and the Secret Garden Party.

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