Project M, Jean-Philippe Rio-Py, Thursday 20th of Feb 2014

When: Thursday 20th February 2014, 7:00pm
Where: Troyganic 132 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

About Jean-Philippe
Jean-Philippe Rio-Py is known as a fantastic pianist, chosen at a young age to be a featured Steinway artist. He has performed at the Royal Opera House and opened the first night re-launch for the prestigious Arts Club in Mayfair. Jean-Philippe has composed music for labels such as Air-Edel, EMI and Warner, while some of his other works have recently been broadcasted worldwide, and featured in ad campaigns by Hulu, Samsung, Mercedes and many more.

The Project M
As a composer for films and production music, Jean-Philippe encounters the limitations of software instruments to reproduce the sounds of acoustic instruments, in particular string instruments. How to reproduce a string sound without hiring a violinist and going to the studio? Despite the great progress in digital audio to replicate acoustic sounds, it is still possible for a trained ear to distinguish a digitally created string instrument from a recording of the real instrument.

Jean-Philippe is in the early stages of addressing this problem, not by creating another software, but by creating a hardware to perform and amplify string sounds. Using real strings, a robotised bow and plectra, Project M will receive MIDI instructions to mechanically play string sounds, allowing for exact reproduction of acoustic recordings of strings.
Jean-Philippe has the passion and drive to take this project forward and he’s going to present his project to the Music Hackspace community, to receive feedback and create connections to build this ambitious music box.