Music Hackspace Performances Night – 23rd OCTOBER 2014-

Music Hackspace Performances Night

  • When:  Thursday 23rd, 20.00- 23.oo h
  • Where: TROYGANIC 132 Kingsland Road, Hoxton E2 8DP
  • Free Entry


Curated by Blanca Regina, the evening features:

An improvisation by Tim Yates and Saif Bunni. These musicians and sound and artists run ‘Acoustic Hacking‘a workshop driven meetups that happen the last Sunday of each month at the London Hackspace.


Enseñanzas solares is a sonic exploration, performance and improvisation that looks at the Sun, the star, the data and the drone. Featuring Blanca Regina in voice, objects and visuals and Andrew Page with tapeloops and reverbs. Some of the the loops are created from NASA recordings of Saturn, Alpha Centauri, the Diamond Star and GD358, as well as the Sun.

Martin Klang (electronics, saxophone); David Kaplowitz (saxophones, keys); Paul Lucas (electric guitar) and Ryan Sarver (electric bass) and the legendary Terry Day on drums.

Fingerhut play improvised music with various standard and custom built electric and acoustic instruments and devices. They like to invite other musicians, wizards and deadbeats to join them to create new sounds. Drawing on free jazz and post rock, experimental noise and more, no two performances are quite alike. No rules and no repeats.




Thursday 5th of September – back to Troyganic – ‘Plug + Play’ system by Neil Merry

After a month spent at the Barbican center, to where we moved all our events and activities for the whole month of August during Hack the Barbican event (which was a great success) we are back to Troyganic and we are not slowing down!!!

WHEN: Thursday 5th of September, 7pm
WHERE: 132 Kingsland Road, London, Troyganic (in the basement). Tube: Hoxton

The first event will feature a presentation of ‘Plug + Play’ system by Neil Merry , a recent graduate from the Design Products Course at the Royal College of Art.


‘Plug + Play’ is a new way to interact with music production software. Traditionally, electronic music requires the performer to hunch behind a laptop, synthesizer or drum machine pushing buttons and twiddling knobs. Through a series of clip on sensors and interactive lights, this portable ‘toolkit’ translates on-stage actions into audio and visual effects. It bridges this gap between the static production of digital sounds and the front-of-stage energy created by live amplified instruments. Focusing on artists that cross the boundary of music producer, DJ, and live band, Plug & Play transforms a microphone stand into a dynamic music controller, a maraca into a heavy bass line or a raised hand into a pulsating synth wave.

preview video:



The OWL: a programmable guitar pedal

A team of Hackspace and Music Hackspace members are currently working on a programmable guitar effects pedal called the OWL. OWL stands for Open Ware Laboratory, which refers to the fact that the entire project is open-source in both hardware and software – all code and documents relating to the project will be freely available under the Gnu GPL license.

The OWL is based around an ARM Cortex M4 chip, and can be programmed using a specially developed software framework. The audio processing code takes the form of patches, which are written in C/C++ using a simple API. There is also a project called OwlSim which allows you to run the same patches as VST and Audio Unit plugins. This means that you can test your code in your favourite DAW/host before uploading to the pedal, or just have some fun building plugins with an easy-to-use C/C++ framework. A bunch of patches have already been written and are ready to be tried out.

The team ran a Kickstarter campaign last month to raise funding for a first production run of the pedal and raised more than £33,000 (over 400% funded of the initial £8000 target) in pre-orders. They found it hugely encouraging to see that there are a lot of people out there who are enthused by open-source programmable hardware. Currently the design is being finalised, with production scheduled to start in August.


For more information, check out the project website at, and if you are interested in getting involved in some capacity (this could be web management, PR, patch development, coding or hardware assembly) they would like to hear from you – send them an email at

25.07.2013 concert by Jukka Hautamäki and MAX/MSP meetup

This week at Music Hackspace we have a regular MAX/MSP meetup (like every last Thursday of the month) where people share knowledge and patches made with MAX/MSP environment.

When: Thursday 25th July, 7:30pm

Where: Troyganic. 132 Kingsland Road – Corner of Cremer Street – London E2 8DY

Before that we will have a gig by a guest from Finland – Jukka Hautamäki.


Media artist Jukka Hautamäki (b. 1971), born in Oulu, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Hautamäki works with found materials, electronics, sound and video.

Hautamäkis sound performances are a microscopic research and study of electronic sounds. Live setup consists of DIY instruments, which he manipulates in real time by changing components and reconnecting circuits. Music style is abstract ambient-noise with a twist. Hautamäki has made live performances in Finland, Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Canada, USA and he has kept interactive sound art and electronics workshops in Finland (MUU, Aalto University, Mansedanse…), Germany, Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

Interview by Avatar Centre, Quebec:

Jukka’s performance will start at approximately 7:30 pm., which will then be followed by MAX/MSP group meeting at approximately 8:30pm.



London Music Hackspace at Elephant&Castle Mini Maker Faire 6.7.2013


We are very happy to be part of Elephant&Castle Mini Maker Faire at London College of Communication.

Please join us on Saturday the 6th of July at our booth where we will be presenting projects built by Music Hackspace members. We will be also talking about what we do and how to get involved. Visitors will have an opportunity to play hacked instruments, DIY contact microphones and even a drum robot. and much much more.

We will have LMH t-shirts and other special items for the guests.

The whole event will have a great atmosphere, there are many workshops, presentations, drop-in sessions and like minded people etc.

The event is free, but you have to book your tickets, so get them while you can!!!