Music Hackspace Performances Night – 23rd OCTOBER 2014-

Music Hackspace Performances Night

  • When:  Thursday 23rd, 20.00- 23.oo h
  • Where: TROYGANIC 132 Kingsland Road, Hoxton E2 8DP
  • Free Entry


Curated by Blanca Regina, the evening features:

An improvisation by Tim Yates and Saif Bunni. These musicians and sound and artists run ‘Acoustic Hacking‘a workshop driven meetups that happen the last Sunday of each month at the London Hackspace.


Enseñanzas solares is a sonic exploration, performance and improvisation that looks at the Sun, the star, the data and the drone. Featuring Blanca Regina in voice, objects and visuals and Andrew Page with tapeloops and reverbs. Some of the the loops are created from NASA recordings of Saturn, Alpha Centauri, the Diamond Star and GD358, as well as the Sun.

Martin Klang (electronics, saxophone); David Kaplowitz (saxophones, keys); Paul Lucas (electric guitar) and Ryan Sarver (electric bass) and the legendary Terry Day on drums.

Fingerhut play improvised music with various standard and custom built electric and acoustic instruments and devices. They like to invite other musicians, wizards and deadbeats to join them to create new sounds. Drawing on free jazz and post rock, experimental noise and more, no two performances are quite alike. No rules and no repeats.




thickear, Sound Art Collective, Thursday 6th of March

When: Thursday 6th of March 2014, 7.30pm
Where: Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, London
Who: thickear
thickear is an artists’ collective comprising Geoff Howse, Jack James, Kevin Logan, and Tadeo Sendon, who explore contemporary themes through conceptual art and performance.

thickear group image3

Originally interested in working within the medium of sound, thickear have expanded their practice to include visual art and performance. Their recent work has been concerned with the ethics of data collection and exchange, including the epic dystopian performance/installation Ministry of Measurement, a major feature of the Barbican Centre’s ‘Hack the Barbican’ season in 2013, and later reconceived as a small, approachable data exchange stand at the ICT and Art Connect conference in Lithuania.

Guiding us through their journey from Sound Art to new interdisciplinary fields, the collective will introduce the themes that will conform their next project Pink Sheet Method, which will be presented this spring at Future Everything (Manchester), ODI (London) and Lighthouse (Brighton).

Eventbrite - Music Hackspace: Meet with Thickear, Sound Art Collective

Songwriting and Music Technology: Aimée Lê, 27/02/2014

When: Thursday 27th of February 2014, 7pm
Where: Troyganic Café, 132 Kingsland Road, London

Aimée Lê is a poet and artist of Vietnamese and American descent. She is a PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, in their practice-based programme.

Aimée Lê
Aimée has been working on several different strands of music & performance. She was involved in hip-hop workshops in Chicago & produced her own songs using loops and diegetic sounds. She also co-leads an experimental songwriting workshop. Most of Aimée’s poetry involves live performance and vernacular language. Her current poetry project uses tape recordings to document family narratives from the Vietnam War. However, the technology she has used so far has been very bootleg (electric banjo made of coffee cans, recordings on her cell phone, etc.), and she is hoping to branch into engineering, building & programming sound equipment herself. All kinds of D-I-Y advice welcome!

Eventbrite - Songwriting and Music Technology: Aimée Lê, 27/02/2014

The Cave of Sounds at the Barbican 19-26 August. Private view Thursday 22nd from 7pm

An early prototype of the Cave of Sounds being demoed at Music Tech Festival, May 2013.

The Cave of Sounds is an interactive sound installation created by artist in residence Tim Murray-Browne with members of the Music Hackspace. It’s the outcome of the Ensemble project, exploring what it means to hack new musical interfaces together.

The work will be exhibited downstairs at the Barbican as a part of Hack the Barbican, outside the stalls entrance to the concert hall and running at the following times:

Mon 19 Aug 7pm — 10pm
Tue 20 Aug 3pm — 10pm
Wed 21 Aug 3pm — 10pm
Thu 22 Aug 3pm — 10pm Private view: 7pm — 10pm
Fri 23 Aug 3pm — 10pm
Sat 24 Aug 11am — 10pm
Sun 25 Aug 11am — 10pm
Mon 26 Aug 11am — 4pm

The work features eight new musical instruments, created individually by Music Hackspace members Borja Alexandre, Dom Aversano, Tim Murray-Browne, Sus Garcia, Wallace Hobbes, Daniel Lopez, Tadeo Sendon, Panagiotis Tigas and Kacper Ziemianin. You can find out more about the process behind their creation on the Ensemble project page.

Arranged in a circle facing inwards, members of the audience are invited to explore, experiment and experience improvising music with others around them. The instruments are all digital and networked together, allowing them to subtly align in terms of harmony and tempo. Projected onto the ground between them is a visualisation showing musical connections between participants that the installation has detected.

Video by Mind the Film.

The Cave of Sounds was created by Tim Murray-Browne with Borja Alexandre, Dom Aversano, Sus Garcia, Wallace Hobbes, Daniel Lopez, Tadeo Sendon, Panagiotis Tigas and Kacper Ziemianin.

Hope to see you there!



The Cave of Sounds was created through Sound and Music’s Embedded Composer in Residence programme with the Music Hackspace. Embedded is funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation with support from Arts Council England. Special thanks for support to Duncan Chapman, Atau Tanaka, Hannah Bujic, Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, Martin Klang, Nick Sherrard, The Centre for Creative Collaboration, Troyganic, Queen Mary University of London and Mind The Film.

25.07.2013 concert by Jukka Hautamäki and MAX/MSP meetup

This week at Music Hackspace we have a regular MAX/MSP meetup (like every last Thursday of the month) where people share knowledge and patches made with MAX/MSP environment.

When: Thursday 25th July, 7:30pm

Where: Troyganic. 132 Kingsland Road – Corner of Cremer Street – London E2 8DY

Before that we will have a gig by a guest from Finland – Jukka Hautamäki.


Media artist Jukka Hautamäki (b. 1971), born in Oulu, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Hautamäki works with found materials, electronics, sound and video.

Hautamäkis sound performances are a microscopic research and study of electronic sounds. Live setup consists of DIY instruments, which he manipulates in real time by changing components and reconnecting circuits. Music style is abstract ambient-noise with a twist. Hautamäki has made live performances in Finland, Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Canada, USA and he has kept interactive sound art and electronics workshops in Finland (MUU, Aalto University, Mansedanse…), Germany, Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

Interview by Avatar Centre, Quebec:

Jukka’s performance will start at approximately 7:30 pm., which will then be followed by MAX/MSP group meeting at approximately 8:30pm.



13.06.2013 Chris Weaver and Ed Baxter present ‘Speed of Light’

chris weaver2

chris weaver1

Chris Weaver and Ed Baxter from Resonance 104.4 Fm and Resonance Radio Orchestra will talk about the work ‘Speed of Light’ which was commissioned as part of Legacy Trust UK’s Community Celebrations programme, which aimed to build a lasting legacy from the UK’s hosting of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In August 2012 Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat was the stage for an extraordinary public art performance. The iconic mountain was brought to life in a mass choreographed act of walking and endurance running as part of Edinburgh International Festival and London 2012 Festival. Nightly audiences walked to the summit carrying energy-harvesting light staffs, and become part of the work. A mesmerising set of patterns unfolded below as hundreds of sequenced runners activated the path networks in remotely-controlled light suits. Each performance was an interaction between movement, light, sound and landscape, offering a rare perspective onto the city and night skies beyond.

Thickear, Leafcutter John + Blanca Regina and Astma Duo. Thursday 23rd May

troyganic a3 colour

Music Hackspace presents an evening of sound art and performances with Thickear, Leafcutter John + Blanca Regina and Astma Duo:

23rd May 2013 | 8pm-11pm | Troyganic Café, 132 Kingsland Road, LONDON, E2 8DY

Free Entry

20:00-21:00 Thickear

21:15-21:45 Leafcutter John + Blanca Regina

22:00-23:00 ASTMA

Thickear are a collective of sonic artists exploring sound through performance, technology and exhibition. Originally formed from Sound Arts M.A. alumni,  Thickear’s live performance events combine individual and group works to examine a common theme or concern, often with imaginative, touching and funny results.

Geoff Howse, Jack James and Kevin Logan will perform new and revised works, and will speak about making sound art with technology and how this shapes their own particular approach to each work.

This programme follows from recent performances at the Music Tech Fest 2013 and gives a prelude to future collaborations with the Music Hackspace, including new works at the Barbican as part of a festival line-up organised by The Trampery in association with the Barbican Arts Centre. More info:

Leafcutter John and Blanca Regina will perform a set of live audiovisual improvisations, combining images, sound and texture in an electronic music jam.

And from the experimental Russian noise scene, ASTMA is formed by drummer and vocalist Olga Nosova and Russian industrial/electronic scene pioneer Alexei Borisov. Described as an act that tributes ‘too many different types of acoustic torture to even bother mentioning them’, ASTMA will be performing live electronic, acoustic, field recordings, and spoken word impro.