Bioni Samp: Hive Synthesiser

Bioni Samp demonstrates his Hive Synthesiser on 16/02/2012, 7pm.

Talks about its making, modular 6 oscillator design and its use in creating his experimental electronic music. ***Numerology of bees and beehive habitat patterns, hive logs and cycles are used as circuit starting points to make Music For Bees*** Followed by a short performance.

Bioni Samp is an artist, producer and video maker originally from Leeds, Yorkshire and currently resides in London. His electronic music has been published since 1995 and has had releases on various labels including, Aconito (UK/Italy), EMIT (UK) Harthouse (DE) Philtre/Kompakt, Instinct, Minimalizm (USA) and Noise Music (BR).



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