20 June: Jimmy Tidey and Tom Bryan present rifff.co.uk

Join us this Thursday where Jimmy Tidey and Tom Bryan will present their composition web app Rifff, a web app that allows artists to compose with a controlled element of randomisation.

Where: Troyganic Café, 132 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DY

When: 20 June 2013, 7.30pm

Screenshot of Jimmy Tidey and Tom Bryan's app rifff.co.uk

Jimmy Tidey and Tom Bryan’s app rifff.co.uk


Rifff is a media playback platform, which enables a composer to provide alternative versions of elements of a track.

It is sample based, and so does not rely on generative synthesis, allowing the content to be totally created by the artist – Rifff does not have a ‘sound’ of it’s own, rather it is a blank canvas; all the sounds it operates with are directly created by the artist.

The composer can provide several different versions of any or all elements of a piece, and these options are then selected from based on predetermined likelyhoods defined by the composer.

It allows a composer to introduce small or large variations in their music, rather than commit to a single definitive version.

It aims to allow recorded music to change its form on every listen, and as a format could anchor a piece of music to a piece of hardware, if the end user wanted to hear every possible version of an artist’s work.


Jimmy Tidey
Web Developer / Technologist

Tom Bryan
Composer & Recording Engineer


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