Shakmat DIY modular synth build with CV FREQS


This workshop led by CV FREQS (Chelsea Bruno, PhD and Craig Clifford, MD, MS) and the Shakmat team focuses on the complete build of a range of available DIY Shakmat kits. Chelsea and Craig will lead a workshop to build Knight's Gallop, while the Shakmat team will be on hand to build all other modules. What's […]


An Introduction to Markov Chains: Machine Learning in Max/MSP – LIVE session


Date: Sunday 13th December 2020 6PM GMT Difficulty level: Beginner Overview Markov chains are mathematical models that have existed in various forms since the 19th century, which have been used to aid statistical modelling in many real-world contexts, from economics to cruise control in cars. Composers have also found musical uses for Markov Chains, although the […]