Thu 6th Feb: CEEMI’s Test Drive presentation with Gil Teixeira

When: Thursday, 6th of February 2014, 7.00pm
Where: Troyganic 132 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

What: Presentation with Gil Teixeira about CEEMI’s Test Drive – A Collaborative Experimental Electronic Music Instrument for an ongoing artistic research on human engagement

The CEEMI is a Max MSP based electronic music instrument aimed at allowing non-musicians of all age groups and backgrounds, a real collaborative compositional/performative experience, by combining a sonic palette derived mostly from the so-called experimental electronic music with pre-existent and widespread technological interfaces.
Inspired by Varèse’s and Cage’s definition of music as nothing more than organized sound, Gil decided to limit the CEEMI’s output to drones, pulses, found sounds, sfx and noise. Definitely not the kind of soundworld typically associated with the community music scene, but one that’s actually free from the specialized jargon of the tempered system, a jargon that so many times scares non-musicians away from actively engaging in a musical creative process.
And by relying on tablets, laptops, smartphones and other familiar devices as possible ways of controlling the CEEMI, he hopes to not only tackle another big obstacle to such engagement – the traditional music instrument with its daunting learning curve – but also to transform and humanize the usage of such gadgets. His research project is not so much about humans interacting with technology, but about technology as a means to explore human interaction.

Gil Teixeira is a musician – founding member of the instrumental post-rock band La La La Ressonance ( -, classical guitar teacher and creative workshop leader from Portugal, that has developed in recent years a keen interest in the exploration of technology in collaborative music making contexts as part of his ongoing research. He’s led various creative projects in Portugal, UK, Austria, USA and Tanzania and took on the musical/artistic direction of the original multimedia shows “Daqui a Dili”(2011) and “Giacometti 2.0″(2013) staged at Oporto’s Casa da Música.

With a BA in both Philosophy and Classical Guitar Performance, he’s currently a post-graduate Leadership student in London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama.


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