Jorge Haro

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Teaches in Spanish 🇪🇸

Composer and visual artist. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Madrid, Spain.

He looks into the aesthetics and scientific aspects of sound and vibration with a particular interest in expanded listening, sound visualization, image sonification, audiovisual relations and data transformation processes from a minimal approach. His body of work takes different formats: music records, video, objects, audiovisual performances, acousmatic concerts, installations and exhibitions, each of which complement with each other in every project.

Book a private session with Jorge for professional help with:

  • Sound design for audiovisual projects / Diseño sonoro para audiovisuales
  • Designing interactions between sound and image / Interacciones entre sonido e imagen
  • A/V projects using Ableton Live and Max for Live / Utilización de Ableton Live y Max for Live para proyectos audiovisuales
  • Hardware and software integrations for audiovisual design and performance (computers, MIDI/OSC controllers, external instruments, DMX, Ableton Live, Max/MSP/Jitter, M4L) / Integración de hardware y software para proyectos audiovisuales y performance (ordenadores, controladores MIDI/OSC, instrumentos externos, DMX, Ableton. Live, Max/MSP/Jitter, M4L)