Dom Aversano

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Dom Aversano is a Valencian and London based composer and percussionist with a particular interest in combining ideas from the South Indian classical and Western music traditions. He has performed internationally as a percussionist, and produced award-winning installation work that has been exhibited in Canada, Italy, Greece, Australia, and the UK.

For a decade Dom has studied South Indian Carnatic music in London and in Chennai. He has studied with mridangam virtuoso Sri Balachandar, the resident percussionist of The Bhavan music centre in London, as well as shorter periods with Somashekar Jois and M N Hariharan.


Book a private session with Dom for professional help with:

  • Getting hands-on experience with various software and hardware tools essential for generative composition, such as Supercollider and Pure Data.
  • Understanding and applying advanced polyrhythms in your own compositions and performances.
  • Learning aspects of rhythmic Carnatic theory, both theoretically and practically.
  • Combining traditional musical methods, such as Carnatic music, with modern techniques like generative composition and polyrhythmic structures.
  • Discovering personal creative