The disting: Eurorack synth module presentation with Andrew Ostler, October 9th

Andrew Ostler of Expert Sleepers Ltd will present the ‘disting’, a hackable Eurorack format synthesiser module, this Thursday 9th of October at 7pm, at Troyganic Cafe (132 Kingsland Road, E2 8DP).

The disting is based around a commodity PIC32 microcontroller and an audio codec, providing the ability to run surprisingly complex processes on control voltages and audio at high audio sample rates. As shipped the module provides 16 algorithms (selected from a front panel knob), but the microcontroller can be flashed with user code. Expert Sleepers have provided an open source code framework to facilitate this.

Andrew will present an overview of the hardware and software design, and demonstrate the code framework. Attendees are invited to bring along their favourite algorithm for a little live coding demo!



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