Tone to drone – Introduction to SuperCollider for monome norns – On-demand

Level: Beginner (many fundamentals of SuperCollider will be covered)

SuperCollider is an amazing open-source audio synthesis and composition tool. In this workshop we will gain understanding of SuperCollider while making a musical drone – a minimal sustained sound with dynamic harmonic variations, in the vein of Sunn O))) or La Monte Young. We will also learn how to add drones to the monome norns in your own drone script.


  • Learn how to use SuperCollider, starting from the basics

  • Learn about sound synthesis with SuperCollider

  • Become familiar with sound synthesis elements of SuperCollider

  • Integrate a SuperCollider script into a monome norns script

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of SuperCollider code

  • Understand SuperCollider UGens for audio synthesis and mixing

  • Design your own drone which you can run from SuperCollider

  • Add SuperCollider code into a norns script

Session Study Topics

  • Basics of coding in SuperCollider

  • Workings of audio synthesis UGens and how they can be combined

  • Adding UGens for sound modulation

  • Communication between norns scripts and SuperCollider


We have a number of sponsorship places,if the registration fee is a barrier to you joining the workshop please contact laura@stagingmhs.local.



  • A computer and internet connection
  • A webcam and mic
  • A Zoom account
  • A norns device

About the workshop leader 

Zack Scholl is a Seattle, Washington based tinkerer who releases music and norns scripts as “infinite digits”.

He has been programming for 12 years as part of his job developing instrumentation and conducting experiments to understand biophysical properties of human proteins.