Interaction with Arduino & Max – Workshop series / On-demand

Pricing excluding kit, components to be purchased separately – see kit list in requirements section  Level: Beginner-Intermediate Want your Arduino to control audio, video, generative 3D visuals, or even Ableton Live? Combine Arduino with Max 8, a powerful visual programming environment opens up many possibilities for interactive installation, generative art, multimedia performance, and more! You will learn very basic electronics, introductory... Read More

Getting Confident With Gen~ / LIVE Session – Workshop series

Workshop series  Dates & Times: Mondays: 12th / 19th / 26th July and 2nd August 2021 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 10am LA / 1pm NYC Level: Previous experience with Gen~ is required i.e. completion of Getting Started With Gen~ workshop series Example of topic that students are expected to be knowledgeable with before workshop: The Gen~ environment Basic audio processing in Gen~ Gen~ operators and data management Example of topic that students... Read More

Splatterbox – On-demand

Level: Intermediate MaxMSP allows us to go far beyond the stompbox looper. In this workshop, discover how working with simple looping  combinations can add up to a rich and layered soundscape. The beauty then lies in the retrospective operations we can apply to the loops with this patch for a very personal and unique outcome. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session a successful student will be able to: Build a custom loop station Explore... Read More

Tone to drone – Introduction to SuperCollider for monome norns – On-demand

Level: Beginner (many fundamentals of SuperCollider will be covered) SuperCollider is an amazing open-source audio synthesis and composition tool. In this workshop we will gain understanding of SuperCollider while making a musical drone – a minimal sustained sound with dynamic harmonic variations, in the vein of Sunn O))) or La Monte Young. We will also learn how to add drones to the monome norns in your own drone script. Summary:  Learn... Read More

Scripting and Live-Coding Max with Scheme for Max – On-demand

Level: Some experience with Max, plus some experience with any programming language Scheme for Max brings the power and flexibility of Scheme Lisp to Max, for sequencing, patch scripting, and building complex interactive systems. In this workshop, you will be introduced to interactive coding with the Scheme for Max object, and will build a performance capable sequencer all in code, that you can interact with live. Session Learning Outcomes By the... Read More

Instancing for Generative Art in TouchDesigner – On-demand

Level: Beginner – intermediate Working with Instancing in TouchDesigner offers a vast variety of possible inputs and outcomes. In this workshop series, we’ll look at how to use SOPs, CHOPs and TOPs to create generative 2D and 3D textures, landscapes and shapes and how to include audio in your Instancing network.  Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session a successful student will be able to: Fully understand the concept and... Read More

Audio Reactive Shaders with Shader Park + TouchDesigner – On-demand

Level: Intermediate: Some previous experience with javascript, or programming is recommended. No experience with TouchDesigner is needed. Overview Explore 3D shader programming through a Javascript interface without the complexity of GLSL. Shader Park is an open source project for creating real-time graphics and procedural animations. Follow along through multiple examples using a P5.js style live code editor. Expand upon the examples and bring them... Read More

TouchDesigner meetup 12th June

Date & Time: Saturday 12th June 4pm UK / 5pm Berlin / 8am LA / 11am NYC Meetup length 2-hours Level: Open to all levels Meetups are a great way to meet and be inspired by the TouchDesigner community. What to expect?  The meetup runs via Zoom and is 2-hours in length. This session focuses on interactivity and will feature presentations from TouchDesigner experts. Speakers: Crystal Jow: Creating Meditative Spaces Crystal will be presenting... Read More

MIDI Programming in Ableton Live – On-demand

Level: Beginner By turning off the quantize function on his MPC  J Dilla ushered a new era of groove in electronic music production. Composing beats using both rushing and dragging feels while also making sure that notes remained musically coherent. This workshop intends to equip you with the skills to program hip hop beats and music ideas with a drunk drummerfeel inspired by producers and musicians such as J Dilla, Questlove, Flying Lotus, or Kaytranada. Session... Read More

Getting started with Interactive Machine Learning for openFrameworks – On-demand

Level: Intermediate – C++ required Using openFrameworks, ofxRapidLib and ofxMaximilian, participants will learn how to integrate machine learning into generative applications. You will learn about the interactive machine learning workflow and how to implement classification, regression and gestural recognition algorithms. You will  explore a static classification approach that employs the k-Nearest Neighbour (KNN) algorithm to categorise data... Read More

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