Create Music Visuals with TouchDesigner / Going Further – LIVE Session

Date & Time: Friday 28th May / Friday 4th June / Friday 11th June 6pm UK Level: Beginner TouchDesigner is a tool that gains popularity among musicians who want to create visuals for their music and do audio-visual experiments. The goal of this course is to show how one can start with TouchDesigner and not risk being discouraged. You will learn the basic concepts underpinning creation and rendering of 3D geometries, what different parameters... Read More

Getting Started with Gen – May Series

Dates & Times: Monday’s 10th / 17th / 24th and 31st May 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin Level: Intermediate / Previous experience with MSP is required. Build highly efficient signal processing operations in Max using Gen~. In this series of 4 workshops, you will learn the fundamentals of signal processing and develop skills to confidently code with Gen~ in Max. The course contains 24 custom-made example patches along with audio samples that you will... Read More

Simple Systems for Live Performance: A TouchDesigner Primer – LIVE Session

Date & Time: Friday 7th & Friday 14th May 6pm UK/ 7pm Berlin Level: Intermediate Whether at a concert or in a music video, visual effects can do so much to enhance the listener/viewer’s experience and create a lasting impression. This workshop aims to demonstrate how, using TouchDesigner, one can convert MIDI and acoustic audio signal into dynamic visual performances. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this sessions a successful student... Read More

Granular Synthesis: Getting Started with Grainflow – LIVE Session

Date & Time: Thursday 6th May 6pm UK Level: Advanced Grainflow is a package for Max / MSP that utilizes gen~ and the MC wrapper to allow users to control large numbers of sample accurate grains. This workshop will teach participants about how to use and control large numbers of grains using the Grainflow package and Max’s multichannel wrapper. By the end of the session students should be able to:  Develop an understanding of granulation... Read More

Creative MIDI in Max and Max For Live 4 part series – LIVE Session

Date & Time: Thursdays 6th May, 13th May, 20th May & 27th May 6pm UK, 7pm Berlin, 10am LA, 1pm NYC Level: Intermediate Cycling 74’s Max / MSP and Max For Live offers a vast playground of programming opportunities to create and deploy unique MIDI based devices. In this workshop you will build your own MIDI note step sequencers, use random number generators to drive MIDI systems, build a MIDI Looper device, map hardware controllers to parameters... Read More

Max and Machine Learning with RunwayML – LIVE Session

Dates & Time: Wednesdays in May 5th / 12th / 19th / 26th May 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin Level: Intermediate RunwayML is a platform that offers AI tools to artists without any coding experience. Max/MSP is a visual programming environment used in media art that can be used to control RunwayML in a more efficient way. At the end of the workshop you will be able to train trendy machine learning models and generate videos by walking a latent space through... Read More

Getting started with Max: May Series

Date & Time:  Session 1: Wednesday 5th May 7pm Indian Standard Time / 2.30pm UK / 3.30pm Berlin Session 2: Wednesday 12th May 7pm Indian Standard Time / 2.30pm UK / 3.30pm Berlin Session 3: Wednesday 19th 7pm Indian Standard Time / 2.30pm UK / 3.30pm Berlin Session 4: Wednesday 26th May 7pm Indian Standard Time / 2.30pm UK / 3.30pm Berlin Level: Beginners curious about programming Get started with interactive audio and MIDI, and discover the... Read More

Android Audio Development Fundamentals – LIVE Session

Dates & Times: Tuesdays in May – 4th / 11th / 18th / 25th 6pm UK / 7pmBerlin Level:  Intermediate Android is the leading mobile operating system, with billions of active devices worldwide. In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles needed to create high performance audio apps on the platform. From the basic setup to the creation of a sequencer based app, we will cover every aspect you need to build your own version of... Read More

Creative MIDI FX in Ableton Live – LIVE Session

Date & Time: Tuesday 27th April 6pm UK Level: Beginner Ableton Live offers a vast playground of musical opportunities to create musical compositions and productions. Live’s native MIDI FX provides a range of tools to allow the composer and producer to create ideas in a myriad of ways. Max For Live complements these tools and expands musical possibilities. In this workshop you will creatively explore and deploy a range of MIDI FX in a musical... Read More

Livestream: TidalCycles – growing a language for algorithmic pattern

Monday 26th April 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 10am LA / 1pm NYC In this livestreamed interview, Alex McLean retraces the history and intent that prompted him to develop TidalCycles alongside ‘Algorave’ live performance events, contributing to establish Live Coding as an art discipline.  Alex started TidalCycles project for exploring musical patterns in 2009, and it is now a healthy free/open-source software project and among the most well-known live... Read More

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