Ample samples – Introduction to SuperCollider for monome norns – On-demand

Level: Beginner (many fundamentals of SuperCollider will be covered) SuperCollider is an amazing open-source audio synthesis and composition tool. In this workshop we will focus on sampling and learn how to use SuperCollider to make a fully featured sample player + looper which can be used for triggering drum kits, sequencing partitions, or a chaotic breakbeat style system. We will also learn the basics of applying effects, and finally how to integrate... Read More

Arcologies: a workshop for Monome norns & grid / On-demand

For Monome norns and grid, arcologies is a 21st century instrument for musical composition and discovery. Built by Tyler as a “2020 pandemic sanity project” and released in September it has already attracted passionate following. Through a series of “breakout-room” team challenges you will learn how to build and sculpt evolving sound compositions with Arcologies. We’ll cover signal flow, melodies, chords, and evolving systems with modulation,... Read More