Max meetup 20th March – Americas Edition

Date & Time: Saturday 20th March 3pm PST / 6pm EST Level: Open to all levels Hosted by Chloe Alexandra & Francisco Botello   With presentations by:  Philip Meyer – Seven Spaces patch Joaquin Jimenez: Machine Learning on Max with ML.* to create Dub Music Shomit Barua – Creative Coding: Exercises in Circumnavigation Overview  Join the Max meetup to share ideas and learn with other artists, coders and performers. Showcase... Read More

Immersive AV Composition -On demand / 2 Sessions

Level: Advanced These workshops will introduce you to the ImmersAV toolkit. The toolkit brings together Csound and OpenGL shaders to provide a native C++ environment where you can create abstract audiovisual art. You will learn how to generate material and map parameters using ImmersAV’s Studio() class. You will also learn how to render your work on a SteamVR compatible headset using OpenVR. Your fully immersive creations will then become interactive... Read More

Visual Music Performance with Machine Learning – On demand

Level: Intermediate In this workshop you will use openFrameworks to build a real-time audiovisual instrument. You will generate dynamic abstract visuals within openFrameworks and procedural audio using the ofxMaxim addon. You will then learn how to control the audiovisual material by mapping controller input to audio and visual parameters using the ofxRapid Lib add on. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session a successful student will... Read More

An Introduction to Markov Chains: Machine Learning in Max/MSP

Difficulty level: Beginner Overview Markov chains are mathematical models that have existed in various forms since the 19th century, which have been used to aid statistical modelling in many real-world contexts, from economics to cruise control in cars. Composers have also found musical uses for Markov Chains, although the implied mathematical knowledge needed to implement them often appears daunting. In this workshop we will demystify the Markov... Read More