Build Max for Live devices using Ableton Live’s API / On-demand

Level: Intermediate

In this series of workshops you will explore concepts and techniques associated with Ableton Live’s API and the Live Object Model (LOM). The LOM provides a detailed level of control of Live via M4L and it can be used to underpin unique and novel M4L devices. These workshops aim to expand your knowledge and use of the Live API and the LOM within the M4L development environment, which can be leveraged by M4L developers to enhance their practice and provide unprecedented control of Live.

Series Learning Outcomes

By the end of this series a successful student will be able to:

  • Identify the LOM structure, LOM paths and LOM Object ids

  • Utilise API Object types, Classes, Children, Properties and Functions

  • Deploy datatypes, debugging, notifications and javascript with the Live API

  • Observe and control Live parameters via the API and M4L

Session 1: The Live Object Model Pt.1 

  • Live Objects (hierarchy, properties, functions)

  • Object Paths

  • Root Objects

  • Max Objects (live.path, live. Object)

Session 2: The Live Object Model Pt.2 

  • Max Objects (live.remote~,

  • Controlling Ableton Live parameters

  • Observing Ableton Live

Session 3: Creating a Max for Live device with the Live API 

  • Work with Control Surfaces

  • Route MIDI / audio

  • Practical examples of API use

Session 4: JavaScript

  • The LiveAPI Object in JS

  • Summary of course


  • A computer and internet connection

  • Access to a copy of Live Suite (preferably Live Suite 11) trial or full licence.

About the workshop leader

Mark Towers is an Ableton Certified Trainer and a lecturer in music technology at Leicester College. He specialises in Max for Live, as well as working with Isotonik Studios to create unique and creative devices for music production and performance such as the Arcade Series.