Generative Audio Looping in Max & Max For Live – LIVE Session

Level: Beginner +

Brian Eno used arranged tape loops for composition in the 1970 Discreet Music and Music For Airports. This M4L device takes those ideas and uses them for a simple but effective loop playback device. In this workshop you’ll learn how to work with audio file playback objects like buffer~ & groove~ along with send & receive concepts and sub-patches.

By the end of this session a successful student will be able to:

  • Build a basic audio file playback device.

  • Explore signal routings using send & return objects.

  • Use sub-patch encapsulations in M4L.

  • Describe the signal flow in a M4L device.

Session Study Topics

  • Max objects for audio playback.

  • Audio signal flow.

  • Encapsulations in Max.


  • A computer and internet connection

  • A web cam and mic

  • A Zoom account

  • Access to a copy of Max 8 (i.e. trial or full license)

About the workshop leader

Johan Englund is a music producer based in St Leonards East Sussex and an educator for Tileyard Education (London) and Bimm (London). He has been engaged as a professional in the music industry since the early 1990s and as a lecturer since 2005.

Max meetup – Europe Edition 2


Date:  Saturday 30th January – 3pm UK time / 4pm CET

Level: Open to all levels 


Join the Max meetup to share ideas and learn with other artists, coders and performers. Showcase your patches, pair with others to learn together, get help for a school assignment, or discover new things.

The meetup runs via Zoom. The main session features short presentations from Max users. Breakout rooms are created on the spot on specific topics, and you can request a new topic at any time.

 In the breakout rooms, you can share your screen to show other participants something you’re working on, ask for help, or help someone else.


The session will be hosted by Ned Rush and feature presentations by:

Nick Rothwell, aka Cassiel, Live coding a patch librarian in Clojure
Philip Meyer, Image Convolution with
Johan Englund, CV recorder for Mira

And more to be confirmed soon.

Ready to present your work?

Everyone is welcome to propose a presentation. Just fill in this short form and you’ll be put on the agenda on a first come first served basis.

Presentations should take no more than 5 minutes with 5 minutes Q&A and we’ll have up to 5 presentations at each meetup.

Topic suggestions but not limited to:

  • MIDI
  • Jitter
  • Signal processing
  • Sequencing
  • Hardware
  • OSC
  • Algorithmic composition
  • Package manager modules

Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone.