Granular Synthesis: Getting Started with Grainflow – On-demand

Level: Advanced

Grainflow is a package for Max / MSP that utilizes gen~ and the MC wrapper to allow users to control large numbers of sample accurate grains. This workshop will teach participants about how to use and control large numbers of grains using the Grainflow package and Max’s multichannel wrapper.

By the end of the session students should be able to: 

  • Develop an understanding of granulation and granular synthesis

  • Use Grainflow to build a granular file player

  • Use Grainflow for live granulation.

  • Build a granular time-stretching tool

  • Use the MC output of Grainflow to bus grains stochastically to different effects

Study Topics 

  • Introduction to Grainflow~ – parameters and controls

  • Building a sound-file granulator using grainflow~

  • Building a live granulator using grainflow~.

  • Build a real-time time stretcher

  • Build a system for statistically bussing grains into several effects.


  • A computer and internet connection

  • Access to a copy of Max 8

  • The Grainflow Package

About the workshop leader 

Christopher Poovey is a Dallas based electroacoustic composer, media artist, and developer.

He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of North Texas with a research focus in interactive computer music and immersive installation. Chris has developed several software packages for Max as well as a number of Max for Live devices and VST instruments built using