Build a MIDI 2.0 program using the Apple UMP API – Workshop 2 / December 6th

Date & Time: Monday 6th December 2021 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 10am LA / 1pm NYC This workshop builds on the first UMP Workshop, and focuses on C++ development using the new Apple UMP API. Automatic 20% discount will be applied at checkout to this workshop if purchased at the same time as the first workshop. 2-hours Difficulty level: Advanced Inspect the new Apple UMP API What can be done with the API, where are limitations? Build a simple UMP... Read More

MIDI 2.0 – Introduction to the Universal MIDI Packet – Workshop 1 / November 29th

Date & Time: Monday 29th November 2021 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 10am LA / 1pm NYC This workshop is followed by two more workshops exploring the specific implementations with Apple UMP API and the JUCE UMP API (cross-platform). Automatic 20% discount on workshop 2 and/or 3 will be applied when purchased with this workshop. 2- hours Difficulty level: Advanced MIDI 2.0 is set to power the next generation of hardware and software with enhanced features... Read More

Getting started with Interactive Machine Learning for openFrameworks – On-demand

Level: Intermediate – C++ required Using openFrameworks, ofxRapidLib and ofxMaximilian, participants will learn how to integrate machine learning into generative applications. You will learn about the interactive machine learning workflow and how to implement classification, regression and gestural recognition algorithms. You will  explore a static classification approach that employs the k-Nearest Neighbour (KNN) algorithm to categorise data... Read More

Getting started with MIDI 2.0 development – On-demand

If you’re looking to book multiple tickets, please contact us for an invoice at info@stagingmhs.local Level: Intermediate, Some experience with C++ coding required, Experience with JUCE recommended To make the most of this on-demand workshop, participants should have experience building and debugging applications using Xcode (macOS) and Visual Studio (Windows). Who is this course for: Developers wanting to learn how MIDI 2.0 works under the... Read More

Android Audio Development Fundamentals – On-demand

 Level:  Intermediate Android is the leading mobile operating system, with billions of active devices worldwide. In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles needed to create high performance audio apps on the platform. From the basic setup to the creation of a sequencer based app, we will cover every aspect you need to build your own version of what a great Android audio application should be. By the end of this series a successful... Read More

Building phaser audio effects in Gen – LIVE Session

Date & Time: Tuesday 16th March 2021 6pm GMT / 7pm CET / 10am PST / 1pm EST Level: Advanced In this workshop, you will explore tools and techniques to create phaser audio effect devices in Gen via Max. Explore all pass filters, feedback loops, signal routing and LFOs via a series of exercises. This workshop aims to enrich your musical output via the application of a self-made audio effects and novel sound design techniques. Gen provides highly... Read More

Immersive AV Composition -On demand / 2 Sessions

Level: Advanced These workshops will introduce you to the ImmersAV toolkit. The toolkit brings together Csound and OpenGL shaders to provide a native C++ environment where you can create abstract audiovisual art. You will learn how to generate material and map parameters using ImmersAV’s Studio() class. You will also learn how to render your work on a SteamVR compatible headset using OpenVR. Your fully immersive creations will then become interactive... Read More

Building Audio FX in Gen

Level: advanced Date: 19th November 2020, 6pm GMT In this workshop, you will explore tools and techniques to create bespoke audio FX tools in Gen via Max. Explore delay effects, circular buffers, modulation delays, LFOs, and multi-tap delays via a series of exercises. This workshop aims to enrich your musical output via the application of self-made audio FX and novel sound design techniques. Gen provides highly optimised audio processes that matches... Read More

Build a web assembly synthesiser with iPlug 2

Learn to use iPlug2 C++ audio plugin framework to create a synthesiser that runs on the web. iPlug2 is a new C++ framework that allows you to build cross-platform audio plug-ins, using minimal code. One of the exciting features of iPlug2 is that it lets you turn your plug-in into a web page that anyone can use without a DAW (see for example In this workshop participants will learn how to build a web based synthesiser using cloud... Read More

Learn to program amazing interactive particles systems with Jitter

In this workshop, you will learn to build incredible live videos with particles systems, using Max and Jitter. Cycling’74 has recently released GL3, which ties together more closely Jitter with Open GL, and optimises use of the GPU. With this recent update available in the package manager, you can build highly performance videos without having to code them in C++. Requirements Latest version of Max 8 installed on Mac or Windows A good working... Read More