Rebel Technology Workshop – DIY Eurorack Modular Synth, Sunday 13 March

Build your own Rebel Technology synthesizer at the Music Hackspace!

Date: Sunday 13th March, 11am-7pm

Location: Music Hackspace LimeWharf, Vyner Street, London, E2 9DJ

The workshop is free of charge, you only pay for what you build and take home with you. It’s relatively easy, no previous soldering experience is required. If you are a keen solderer you should be able to build two modules in one day. We will be on hand to help throughout, should you have any problems.

People of all ages and abilities are welcome, under 12s should be accompanied by an adult.

REGISTRATION. Please note a minimum number of participants is required for this workshop to take place, so please book your place asap! The booking fee will be deducted during the workshop from the price of the kit of your choice.

Module Details:

1. Stoicheia : dual Euclidean gate sequencer 90 GBP

Στοιχεῖα is our famous Euclidean gate sequencer. It generates rhythmic trigger sequences, from very simple beats to complex polyrhythms. Never boring, always musical.

2. Logoi : voltage controlled clock divider and delay 95 GBP

Λόγοι is a voltage controlled clock divider, counter, and delay. It subdivides and adds time, creating organic, evolving signatures. Λόγοι brings movement and life to the trigger signal, from a subtle swing to bizarrely complex and intricate rhythms.

3. Klasmata : voltage controlled Euclidean gate sequencer 95 GBP

Κλάσματα is a single channel, voltage controlled version of Στοιχεῖα. It offers a range of 1-32 steps, opening up more possibilities for complex patterns. With voltage controlled sequence length and fills, Κλάσματα transposes, shifts and modulates rhythmic patterns.

4. PowerKit : small PSU 45 GBP (AC adaptor £10 extra)

Combined busboard and power supply. +12/-12/+5v rails, 200mA per rail. Compact and suitable for small to medium sized cases. Powered with external AC adaptor (not included, available for £10 extra).

5. Phoreo module : brand new (not yet released!) 95 GBP

φορέω is a multiplier, repeater and modulator. It packs three different trigger processing functions:

– modulate pulse width from 0 to 100%

– multiply rate by 1 to 16 times

– repeat trigger 1 to 16 times

All three functions have CV control and dedicated inputs and outputs. By combining the multiply and repeat functions you get a burst generator: fully CV controlled and perfect for drum rolls, arpeggios and for injecting life and movement in hats, beats and synth lines. Go on, give us a snare rush!

Phoreo is 10HP wide, requires +5v, and is the new addition to our Euclidean series of trigger processors.

If you have any questions please email us at workshops@stagingmhs.local


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England


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