Using 3D audio in Music Production and Performance

Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Game Audio and Immersive Technologies

Course overview

In this workshop you will learn how to link sound sources in an Ableton Live session with the L-ISA software and to automate position and movement in spatial sound using automation. This workshop aims to provide a basic introduction to the principles of object-based mixing for spatial sound.

Workshop Pre-prep

1. Download the L-ISA studio software at the following link - this will install for you

Here is the Quick Start Youtube Playlist to help you get started

For Windows users: there is a specific video for Windows users at the bottom of the playlist.

2. Download the demonstration files (included in workshop) 

What you'll learn

  • Set up mono and stereo sound sources in L-ISA using Ableton Live and the L-ISA plug-in
  • Understand how a speaker set-up can be loaded into the L-ISA session
  • Use binaural monitoring to prepare files ahead of performance
  • Introduction to parameters - pan, elevation, width, distance
  • How to solo to check individual sounds
  • Position and automate movement of the sound objects in the L-ISA file using Ableton automation

Who is this course for?

  • Music producers interested in learning about spatial sound for live
  • Sound designers for installations who are interested in spatial sound

Course content

  • Using 3D Audio in Music Production and Performance
  • Training files download
  • Workshop slides
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. What is immersive audio_
  • 3. What is Object-based Mixing_
  • 4. What is an Audio Object_
  • 5. How does the software visualise an auditorium_
  • 6. How does a stereo mix differ form an object-based mix_
  • 7. My background using immersive sound for live performance
  • 8. L-ISAStudio walk-through - what should I consider first_
  • 9. What should I consider first in setting up a spatial project_
  • 10. How do I set up Ableton Live with L-ISA_
  • 11. How do I set up my L-ISA processor_
  • 12. What are the key elements of the L-ISA Controller_
  • 13. How do I input an audio object into L-ISA_
  • 14. How do I change audio object parameters in L-ISA using Ableton automation_
  • 15. Conclusion


  • Computer and internet connection
  • Access to a copy of L-ISA by L-Acoustics
  • Ableton Live 11 - a template file with examples will be provided

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Halina Rice is an electronic music producer and AV artist renowned for her vivid and eclectic style ranging from downtempo soundscapes to beat-driven IDM. Working at the intersection of art, music and tech - her NEW WORLDS project unites music with mixed reality visuals and 360 sound to create emotive experiences both live and virtual. Supported by the Arts Council she has created a fully staged immersive show which has been described as “part rave, part art happening”. With previous releases on Point Blank and Blurred Recordings, her work has drawn commendations from publications such as Clash, Bonafide and Magnetic Magazine as well as radio play on Soho Radio, Threads and Séance. Halina has also carried out music tech workshops in the past for Ableton and Native Instruments.

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1 year ago

Before this lesson I had no prior experience using 3D audio software and very little understanding of it. Halina explained concepts that were new to me in ways that made them incredibly familiar, with well paced demonstrations and useful diagrams. Thanks to this lesson I’ve been able program L-ISA files for a couple of my own Ableton projects and I’m excited to continue learning more!

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