TouchDesigner meetup / VJ tools

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Visual Arts

Course overview

  • Join us for a TouchDesigner meetup on VJ tools with Bileam Tschepe on Thursday, August 31st at 4 PM UK time. This meetup will focus on exploring the capabilities of TouchDesigner for creating visual effects for live performances and events.
  • You will hear from Bileam Tschepe and guests who will share their experiences and insights into creating dynamic visuals using TouchDesigner.
  • This meetup is open to anyone interested in learning more about TouchDesigner and VJ tools.
  • This event is free and hosted on our Discord channel, and available to watch on YouTube.

Speakers & presentations

  • Emanuel Nijkerk

Emanuel is a light- and visual artist using Touchdesigner for real-time content manipulation in theater, dance festivals and concerts.

  • Richard Burns

Richard is the director of Rich & Miyu, a multi-disciplinary studio based in Tokyo

  • Jack Hurley aka anti-alias

Jack is a multidisciplinary artist and programmer based out of Denver, CO focusing on real-time generative media and application development in TouchDesigner

Join Meetup

  • Discord link to meetup


  • A computer and internet connection
  • A Discord account

Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut is a Berlin based artist and educator who creates audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations in TouchDesigner, collaborating with and teaching people worldwide.

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