Simple Sequencer with Tone.js - On demand

Membership plan: Just Curious | Topics: Creative Coding

Course overview

Tone.js is a Web Audio framework for creating interactive music in the browser. The framework is built with language that is familiar to musicians, producers and programmers.

What you'll learn

  • Feel confident using Tone.js
  • Use various synths from the framework and manipulate sounds
  • Build a sequencer using Tone.js and basic JavaScript 

Who is this course for?

  • In this workshop, you will use CodePen to learn the basics of Tone.js, how to make a sound, manipulate its characteristics and create a sequencer. You will also be introduced to basics of JavaScript!

Course content

  • Part 1 - Slides - Intro to Web Audio & Tone.js
  • Part 2 - Make a Sound in Tone.js & Loop it
  • Part 3 - Loop through a list of notes
  • Part 4 - Gettings notes from user input, turning notes on and off
  • Part 5 - Animating the playhead, adding a kick, bpm & swing slider
  • Workshop activity pdf's and links


  • A computer and internet connection
  • A web cam and mic
  • A Zoom account
  • A CodePen account (free)
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