Open Source: A chat with sound designer and musician Lily J

Starts on: 27/06/2024 18:00 London time

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Music Production, Sound Design

Course overview

Lily J does not fit your typical music technology mould. Her day job is as a sound designer for Arturia, while in her free time, she is a singer and electronic artist living in the French Alps, creating music inspired by the natural world.

In this talk, she will discuss how she arrived at her work as a sound designer, and how she balances this with being an artist. For anyone interested in a music career that allows one to remain artistically expressive, Lily will describe how she arrived at this arrangement and will be happy to answer your questions.

Who is this session for?

  • Aspiring musicians and sound designers who are interested in a career in music technology
  • Individuals looking to balance a technical career with artistic pursuits
  • Music enthusiasts curious about the intersection of technology and art in music creation

Session materials and Zoom link

  • Join the talk on Zoom


  • A Zoom account
  • An Internet connection
  • Basic understanding of music production and sound design (helpful but not necessary)

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Lily Jordy, known musically as Lyli J (“Lily Jay”), is a French American instrumentalist, singer, sound designer and electronic music producer with a nomadic upbringing. In her music, the soft felt touch of the piano melts into ancient harmonies, surrounded by ocean-deep textures that warm the soul. She captures her passion for nature by reinforcing field recordings and acoustic elements with modern synthesis and complex grooves.

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