Noisy pompoms: build an e-textile instrument –On demand

Build an instrument with e-textile materials. Contains a kit with everything you need to get started.

Course Instructor: Sam Topley

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What you'll learn

  • In this online workshop, we will craft with electronic textiles to make a new musical instrument.
  • The workshop will provide an introduction to working with e-textile materials and DIY craft techniques, to enable us to make a new musical instrument to play and experiment with.
  • In this hands-on and craft-focused workshop, we will explore ideas in e-textiles, DIY electronics and experimental music making, to learn how e-textiles can be used within an electronic circuit and how we can be creative with crafts to make a fun and playful interface to perform with.


  • scissors
  • recycled cardboard (approximately cereal box sized)
  • 9v battery
  • tabletop workspace

Course content

  • ---- Overview of the workshop
  • ---- Part 1 - Noisy Pompoms - Build An E-Textile Instrument
  • ---- Part 2 - Noisy Pompoms - Build An E-Textile Instruement

Who is this course for

  • No prior knowledge or skills are required. This workshop is a great introduction to electronic instrument building and is suitable for any age (younger children should be supervised).

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About the workshop leader

Sam Topley is a sound artist from Leicester, UK. She works with textiles to create handmade electronic musical instruments and interactive sound art work, including giant pompom musical instruments, knitted or 'yarnbombed' loudspeakers, and electronic musical instruments with e-textile interfaces.