NFTs for music and digital artists - how to promote your NFTs?

Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Music Production

Course overview

NFT brings new opportunities for creators to build audiences, promote products & profit from their creations. 

In this workshop you will learn

  1. Storytelling / NFT Design
  2. Independent launch VS NFT Marketplaces
  3. Website - Landing Page
  4. Socials - Twitter, Clubhouse
  5. Community - Discord , Forums
  6. Environmental considerations

What you'll learn

  • Understand, design & build their own NFT story
  • Make a decision on whether to launch independently, or via a third-party NFT platform
  • Create a landing page that has the ingredients & essence of a successful NFT project
  • Approach the main NFT social apps with the right purpose, mindset & methods
  • Explain the environmental impact of NFTs & highlight new ways people are addressing this issue moving forward (h=c , Ethereum 2.0 …)

Who is this course for?

  • Musicians, artists and creators who want to learn how to market, promote & launch their own NFTs

Course content

  • Digital Marketing
  • NFT Socials & Content Plan
  • Teaser / Hero Video
  • Landing Page
  • Discord Community
  • Featured Marketplaces
  • Could I drop different projects on different marketplaces? Are there any case studies of artists doing that?
  • Do the markets have secondary markets where the artists get paid for the secondary sale or just some of them?
  • Organic Outreach
  • NFT Calendar
  • Why would people want to buy my NFTs, if I don't have a big personality?


  • A computer and internet connection
  • Have Metamask extension installed in Chrome.

Meet your instructor

Heen is a London based music producer, artist and NFT educator. As a creator himself, he is a classically trained pianist who has spent his life exploring sonic possibilities with classical, jazz, electronic and cinematic music. He joined ROLI as a full time product specialist after studying a degree in Computer Science, and since then have continued to combine his passions to his growing portfolio. Outside of ROLI, he is currently co-running Originally:Creative - a digital marketing consultancy for creatives, with a mission to help creators navigate & win in the digital space. So far they have worked with artists including: Tomfoolery, Wharf, CRISP&CLASSY… as well as working closely with Jordan Rudess on his upcoming NFT project.

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