Melody Generation in Max - On demand

Learn to create more complex melody generation patches to supplement your compositional practice.

Course Instructor: Sam Pearce-Davies

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Course content

  • ---- Part 1 - Example Melodies and MIDI Setup
  • ---- Part 2 - Step-Sequencer and Transport Setup
  • ---- Part 3 - Random Impulse Initialisation
  • ---- Part 4 - Rhythmic Anchoring
  • ---- Part 5 - Adding Some Semiquavers
  • ---- Part 6 - Hearing the First Draft
  • ---- Part 7 - Including a Larger Jump
  • ---- Part 8 - Duplicating the Melody with Small Changes
  • ---- Part 9 - Listening to Generated Melodies and Discussing Further Potential Improvements
  • ---- Part 10 - Bonus Post-Session Tinkering

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About the workshop leader

Samuel Pearce-Davies is a composer, performer, music programmer and Max hacker living in Cornwall, UK. With a classical music background, it was his introduction to Max/MSP during undergraduate studies at Falmouth University that sparked Sam’s passion for music programming and algorithmic composition. Going on to complete a Research Masters in computer music, Sam is now studying a PhD at Plymouth University in music-focused AI.