Max meetup / RNBO

Taught by: Chloe Alexandra Thompson

Time of meetup: Saturday 3rd December 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC

What to expect? 

In this meetup, Max certified trainers will present their workflows and methodologies working with RNBO in Max.

- Zeynep Özcan will be sharing how she used RNBO’s VST Export for compositional ideas and why she thinks the workflow is different in a good way.

- Kyle Duffield will be outlining some of his experiments, insights, and inspirations for using RNBO on the Raspberry Pi and other embedded hardware.

- Crystal will be showing experiments translating audio effects patches to your own personalized plug-ins.

Duration / how to join

The meetup runs via Zoom, the main session will be 2-hours in length with an additional hour open to the community for collaboration and sharing in breakout rooms.

The meetup will be recorded and published shortly after to our YouTube channel. Watch back all previous meetups presentations here. 



Speakers & presentations

Zeynep Özcan is an electronic music composer, educator, singer, and author. As a multidisciplinary researcher, her practice lies at the intersection of art and technology, where she explores biologically inspired musical creativity, sonification, and interactive experiences. Her works have been performed and presented throughout the world in concerts, exhibitions, and conferences. She specializes in the implementation of software systems for music-making, audio programming, sonification, sensors and microcontrollers, novel interfaces for musical expression, and large-scale interactive installations. She is currently a lecturer and a faculty director of the Girls in Music and Technology (GiMaT) Summer Institute at the Department of Performing Arts Technology at the University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre & Dance. As an educator, she is passionate about building multicultural and collaborative learning environments and promoting community education.

Kyle Duffield (he/him) is a Toronto based Interactive Experience Design Professional who creates immersive interactive installations and brand activations. He is also known for his affiliation with the studio space Electric Perfume. His decade-plus expertise spans audio, video, creative coding, electronics, and interaction design with the intent of bringing play and multi-sensory spectacle to public spaces. As an Educator, he has facilitated interactive media courses and workshops with various institutions, galleries, and universities across North America, the UK, Shanghai, and online. Currently, Kyle is a Cycling '74 Max Certified Trainer, and is focusing on creating unforgettable technological experiences.

Crystal Cortez is a sound designer, performer, new media artist and educator. Crystal has been teaching beginning to intermediate level Max MSP courses and workshops for four years and specializes in spatial audio, sound design, data sonification, and sensor programming. They believe artists of all mediums and technological backgrounds can learn and use Max to enhance their practice!

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About the workshop leader

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is an artist and touring sound designer whose work has been featured at museums, galleries and festivals domestically and internationally. Using Max, Thompson creates unique sonic environments and interactive performance tools through signal processing acoustic instruments and field recordings, as well as building custom synthesizers.