Intro to live coding with TidalCycles

Taught by: Jack Armitage

In this workshop you will be introduced to the TidalCycles live coding language through Strudel, a new version of TidalCycles that runs in the web browser. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to begin exploring musical live coding.


Starts on: 20/12/2022 16:00 London time

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What you'll learn

  • Navigate and use the Strudel REPL and web-based editor
  • Read and write TidalCycles mini-notation
  • Apply and compose TidalCycles functions for algorithmic pattern manipulation
  • Find support via TidalCycles documentation and online communities

Course content

  • Open the course in Zoom to access all the courses
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  • Computer and internet connection
  • Webcam and mic
  • Zoom account
  • Optional: software or hardware that can receive MIDI

Who is this course for

  • Musicians/producers looking to try live coding for the first time
  • Coders looking to apply their skills in a musical context
  • Anyone who is interested in music and patterns

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About the workshop leader

I have a doctorate in Media and Arts Technologies from Queen Mary University of London, where I studied in Prof. Andrew McPherson's Augmented Instruments Lab. During my PhD I was a Visiting Scholar at Georgia Tech under Prof. Jason Freeman. Before then, I was a Research Engineer at ROLI after graduating with a BSc in Music, Multimedia & Electronics from the University of Leeds. My research interests include embodied interaction, craft practice and design cognition. I also produce, perform and live code music as Lil Data, as part of the PC Music record label.