Going further with cheat codes 2: A sample playground for norns - On demand

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Music Production

What you'll learn

Who is this course for?

Course content

  • controllers: PDF overview
  • controllers at-a-glance
  • video: grid interface overview
  • video: arc interface overview
  • video: MIDI Fighter Twister overview
  • video: midigrid (Launchpads/Push/APC) overview
  • video: generic MIDI keyboard overview
  • video: OSC overview
  • live input: PDF overview
  • video: recording live audio input overview
  • experiment 1: recording live input (looped)
  • experiment 2: recording live input (one-shot)
  • video: one-shot threshold recording (NEW!)
  • timing: PDF overview
  • video: pattern recording + playback overview
  • experiment 3: patterns
  • video: arps overview
  • video: meta-sequencer
  • delays: PDF overview
  • video: delays overview
  • experiment 4: delays
  • video: rnd overview
  • video: pad-to-note / sending note data from cheat codes to external devices
  • video: transport + clocking external devices from cheat codes


  • Access to a norns or norns shield running software 201202 or later
  • Familiarity with the basic process of connecting your norns to WiFi
  • Familiarity with the basic functions of cheat codes 2
  • Access to any of the following controllers: monome grid, monome arc, USB MIDI keyboard or sequencer (eg. KeyStep or OP-Z), a recent Launchpad (X, Pro, or Mini mk3), USB MIDI slider bank (eg. 16n), MIDI Fighter Twister, or Max for Live

Meet your instructor

Dan Derks is a creative technologist and improviser with a passion for community. He is the host of Sound + Process, a podcast about the artists of lines (https://llllllll.co), and he builds digital tools for monome norns and Max for Live.

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