Getting Started With Python in TouchDesigner

Learn to program and use Python in TouchDesigner.

Course Instructor: Function Store (Dániel Molnár) & Acrylicode (Felipe Infantino)

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Music Hackspace

Starts on: 24/08/2022 16:00 BST

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Series of 2 workshop, Wednesday 24th and 31st August 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC

In this workshop you will learn to use the Python programming language in creative ways in TouchDesigner. You will explore the syntax of the language and learn how to create scripts, build expressions, make functions and utilise Python to perform and drive creative visual experiments. No previous Python or programming experience necessary.


Workshop Leaders 

Dániel Molnár, is (Function Store) is a Berlin based artist and developer creating interactive installations and audio-visuals.

Felipe Infantino, is one half of Acrylicode, a Berlin-based couple creating Generative art and tutorials about it

What you'll learn

  • Workshop 1: Appraise why Python is used in TD
  • Workshop 1: Identify the use of Python in expression in references
  • Workshop 1: Use Python to access parameters and attributes in TD
  • Workshop 1: Explore practical examples of using Python in TD
  • Workshop 2: Build Python scripts
  • Workshop 2: Use logic and conditional based programming in TD
  • Workshop 2: Use Python within CHOP Execute OPS
  • Workshop 2: Identify resources for further study


  • Computer and internet connection
  • Webcam and mic
  • Zoom account
  • TouchDesigner latest version (non-commercial suffices)
  • Three button mouse

Course content

  • ---- Open the workshop in Zoom to access all the features
  • ---- Open the workshop in Zoom to access all the features

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