Exploring MC ~ in Max 8 - On demand

Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Sound Design

Course overview

Cycling 74’s Max/MSP offers a vast playground of programming opportunities to create your own audio effects. In this workshop you will build your own audio effects that utilizes multi-channel (mc~) for complex audio processes. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to begin exploring the mc~ environment.

What you'll learn

  • Explore the basic concepts of mc~ and how we can apply them to signal processing via delay lines
  • Build multi-tap delay/resonator/reverb FX using various mc~ objects
  • Deploy feedback processing using filters such as mc.lores~ and mc.svf~
  • Apply UI elements to gain access to the various mc~ processes
  • Applying modulation sources such as mc.cycle~ to create a polyphonic/multi-voice chorus effect

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for people with a strong programming background who are interested in exploring the mc~ environment.

Course content

  • Part 1- What is MC
  • Part 2 - Building a multi-channel resonator
  • Part 3 - Developing MC processing and messaging
  • Part 4 - Create a polyphonic chorus
  • Part 5 - Create a beat-sync multi tap delay
  • Part 6 - Panning in MC
  • Part 7 - Q&A and other MC patches


  • A computer and Internet connection
  • A good working knowledge of computer systems
  • A basic awareness of audio processing
  • Good familiarity with MSP
  • Access to a copy of Max 8 (i.e. trial or full license) or Live Suite (M4L)
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