Exploring gesture control with Gliss & Glover - On demand

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Music Production

Course overview

Computers these days give us the power to create almost any sound imaginable, so now we have to question ourselves - how do we interact with our computers physically? In this workshop you will explore what it’s like to control those sounds and effects with your movement by learning about Glover - a mapping application for converting movement to MIDI or OSC.

What you'll learn

  • Mapping movement to MIDI in Glover
  • Training postures in Gliss
  • Mapping from Glover to a DAW
  • Considering what “good” movements are to control sound 

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for artists who want to explore gesture control of music using Gliss & Glover

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Part 2 - The Gesture Page
  • Part 3 - Scenes & Device Feedback
  • Part 4 - Considering Movement
  • Workshop handout


  • Download the free Gliss app from the Apple app store: iOs only
  • Download free trial of Glover via mimugloves.com/glover
  • A DAW or a piece of hardware that can receive MIDI or OSC - Ableton Live recommended as Chagall will be most proficient at supporting you with that but others work too
  • A microphone routed into your computer if you’d like to experiment with manipulating your voice with Gliss

Useful links

More info: Gliss app

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