Build a web assembly synthesiser with iPlug 2

Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Creative Coding

Course overview

iPlug2 is a new C++ framework that allows you to build cross-platform audio plug-ins, using minimal code. One of the exciting features of iPlug2 is that it lets you turn your plug-in into a web page that anyone can use without a DAW (see for example

DISCLAIMER: The codebase and tools used in the videos for this course have evolved since the videos were recorded in 2020. You should be able to achieve the same results with the latest versions of iPlug2, but some steps shown in the materials are outdated. Please note that no support is provided when buying this course.


What you'll learn

  • Learn how to build a web based synthesiser using cloud based tools, and publish it to a GitHub pages website. We will look at some basic DSP in order to customise the sound of the synthesiser and we will also customise the user interface. The same project builds native audio plug-ins, although in the workshop we will focus on the web version.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is aimed at people interested in learning how to use iPlug2 C++ audio plugin framework to create a synthesiser that runs on the web.

Course content

  • New github link to follow this course
  • Build a WASM synthesiser with iPlug2 - slides
  • iPlug2 containerized WAM development
  • Build a WASM synthesiser with iPlug2 - workshop PART 1
  • 01-Introduction
  • 02-iPlug2 Projects
  • 03-Audio Processing C++
  • 04-Parameters
  • 05-Basic GUI
  • 06-Intro to tasks
  • 07-Setting up VSCode remote containers 1
  • 08-Setting up VSCode remote containers 2
  • 09-Setting up VSCode remote containers 3
  • 10-Building WAM
  • 11-Fixing WAM build
  • 12-Publishing WAM and Native to github
  • Build a WASM synthesiser with iPlug2 - workshop 2
  • Extra Source Code files for TASK 5 & 6
  • 13-Introduction to new tasks
  • 14-Working on tasks 1
  • 15-Working on tasks 2
  • 16-Working on tasks 3
  • 17-Working on tasks 4
  • 18-Working on tasks 5
  • 19-Working on tasks 6
  • 20-Working on tasks 7
  • 21-Working on tasks 8
  • 22-Synth DSP 1
  • 23-Synth DSP 2
  • 24-Wrapping up



  • A GitHub account (free)
  • Visual studio code (free)
  • A basic familiarity with Git, C++ and audio processing
  • Docker Desktop installed (free)
  • Access the repository from this link

Course schedule


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