Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Music Production

Course overview

For Monome norns and grid, arcologies is a 21st century instrument for musical composition and discovery. Built by Tyler as a “2020 pandemic sanity project” and released in September it has already attracted passionate following.

What you'll learn

  • Through a series of “breakout-room” team challenges you will learn how to build and sculpt evolving sound compositions with Arcologies.
  • We’ll cover signal flow, melodies, chords, and evolving systems with modulation, euclidean rhythms, and Turing machines.

Who is this course for?

Course content

  • Maps handout
  • Introduction to Maps (video)
  • Seed & Save handout
  • How to use Seed & Save (video)
  • Chords & Melodies handout
  • Chords and melodies (video)
  • Modulation handout
  • Modulate with arcologies (video)
  • Using everything together (video)


  • Monome norns
  • Monome grid
  • Arcologies installed
  • Curiosity!

Useful links

Arcologies docs
Northern Information

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