An Introduction to MIDI via Camelot

Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Music Production

Course overview

In this workshop you will explore the MIDI protocol and learn how MIDI can be used in a live performance or a home studio environment, via Audio Modeling’s Camelot. You will explore how to set up and use MIDI controllers to trigger and perform with virtual instruments and external MIDI equipment such as synthesizers and keyboards. You will explore aspects of the MIDI specification such as MIDI messages and learn how to use these to work and perform with Camelot. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to begin using hardware and software MIDI devices in the Camelot environment in the context of live performance and a home studio environment.

What you'll learn

  • Session 1: Identify the MIDI role and its differences with audio data
  • Session 1: Connect various controllers, electronic instrument & devices types within Camelot
  • Session 1: Begin to explore MIDI messages and their use
  • Session 1: Utilise Camelot to set basic MIDI and Audio Settings, build layers, stacks and splits to use hardware and virtual instruments
  • Session 2: Utilise external MIDI systems & remote configuration’s
  • Session 2: Explore manufacturer specific MIDI configurations
  • Session 2: Utilise Camelot to manage seamless sound changes in live performance and home studio environments
  • Session 2: Construct songs in Camelot for live performance and home studio environments

Who is this course for?

  • Musicians looking to enhance their knowledge of MIDI systems
  • Musicians looking to enhance the musical possibilities of hardware and software instruments via MIDI controllers
  • Music Producers interested in using Camelot for live performance and sound management for composition

Course content

  • 1. My presentation and introduction
  • 2. Topic workshop reminder
  • 3. Slide 1 What is MIDI
  • 4. Slide 2 differences between MIDI and Audio
  • 5. Slide 3 MIDI Cables
  • 6. Slide 4 Connecing Devices to the computer
  • 7. Slide 5 Electronic devices
  • 8. Slide 6 How to Connect your devices to Camelot
  • 9. Slide 8 Local Control
  • 10. Slide 9 MIDI Channels
  • 11. Slide 10 Control Change Numbers
  • 12. Slide 11 Program Change
  • 13. Slide 12 example of Camelot Implementation
  • 14. Slide 13 DAW
  • 15. Slide 14 VST
  • 16. Slide 15 Setlist, Songs creating layers and key range
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 System Message
  • Part 2 MIDI Clock as example in Camelot
  • Part 3 MIDI Clock exercise_ let's try yourself to do it
  • Part 4 Local Control ON_OFF_
  • Part 5 Remote Control
  • Part 6 exercise; it's up to you, set a remote control
  • Part 7 MIDI Mapping & implementation charts
  • Part 8 Managing sounds by advanced MIDI
  • Part 9 Maganing sounds exercise_ add a midi thru
  • Part 10 Building a Complete song in Camelot


  • A computer and internet connection
  • Access to a copy of Audio Modeling’s Camelot (i.e. trial or full license)
  • If possible, two midi controllers ready to connect to a iPad or computer for practical exercises
  • If possible, a powered hub. If a powered hub is not available, then at least one free USB port on computer should be available after you have connected all your controllers (this is needed for a practical exercise)
  • Have already installed all drivers needed for your hardware before the workshop

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Joël works as an external consultant for Yamaha Music Europe and France as a member of the International Yamaha Tech Talk Live team, on topics related to synthesizers, stage keyboards and sequencer software. Joël is also a Group Expert lead on Master Classes for Audio Modeling on Camelot Pro. With training experience acquired over many years and a unique pedagogy developed in his exchanges with users, Joel will accompany you in your learning of the MIDI protocol. As Keyboard player for the band After Work in South France, Joël is also a sound provider and engineer for other bands & local shows. He is also a lightshow programmer on Daslight software and manages DMX using in music synchronization.

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Tony Eijkelenboom
Tony Eijkelenboom
6 months ago

I would like to know if this is the same class that was given earlier? I signed up and paid but then realized that the times were european times and could not make them here in the US.

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut
Reply to  Tony Eijkelenboom
6 months ago

H Tony, this is the only MIDI/ Camelot class on the site, this is a recording of live class.

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