AI Art via Stable Diffusion and Google Colab

Taught by: Gennaro Schiano

Learn how to generate AI art in the cloud via the Stable Diffusion algorithm and Google Colab notebooks

- Learn how to set up and run Google Colab notebooks in the cloud

- Explore machine learning and AI algorithms using Python code in your browser

- Run the popular text to image algorithm Stable Diffusion to create machine learning art

- Use open-source alternative to MidJourney and DALL-E platforms

- Execute basic Python and Bash commands with your browser to access an AI art generator on a Google cloud GPU

- Explore the vast landscape of ML & AI networks available on Colab


What you'll learn

  • Run a cloud version of Discoart and Stable Diffusion using Google Colab
  • Execute basic bash and python commands to generate AI art in the cloud
  • Hack and deploy AI and machine learning notebooks running on cloud GPUs
  • Begin to explore the Google Colab landscape of ML and AI notebooks for art

Course content

  • Guide, references and additional materials
  • Google Colab project ready to go
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Intro by AIG
  • 3. Finding your focus
  • 4. Introduction to Google Colab
  • 5. What AIG has to say
  • 6. Google Colab basics
  • 7. Adding to the file
  • 7.1. File system director
  • 8. Intro to Machine learning model piplines
  • 9. Machine learning
  • 10. Stable diffusion, text to image
  • 11. Installation
  • 12. Environment variables & C++
  • 13. Keep running code
  • 14. Zen dirctory
  • 15. Restart runtime
  • 16. Learning real inputs
  • 17. Input cells
  • 18. Inference
  • 19. AIG closing remarks
Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Creative Coding, Visual Arts ...

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  • Chrome web browser to run Google Colab
  • Google account
  • account (optional)
  • account for saving training for discoart and recalling images (optional)

Who is this course for

  • Anyone who wants to get started with cloud computing and accessing ML & AI algorithms
  • Visual artists who want to leverage free AI generation tools

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About the workshop leader

Gennaro Schiano is a multidimensional musician and artist playing a digital nomad in the current stem of reality. He is a three time Grammy winning recording/mixing Engineer, Zen practitioner and computer enthusiast/educator. He is researching new and interesting ways for independent artists to create their own economies and generate unique content in real time using the right amount of effort.