Advanced Film Scoring with Helen Noir

From Creation to Pitch: Mastering Advanced Techniques in Film Scoring

Dive deep into advanced film scoring techniques and the business of pitching with expert Helen Noir in a 6-week online masterclass

Only 30 places

Starting February 2024

Course overview

Advanced Film Scoring is a 6-week course of 12 live online classes, taught by film composer and lecturer Helen Noir in partnership with Music Hackspace. The course provides an advanced look into the professional skills, techniques and business sales best practice on Film and Media Scoring and Pitching.

Students of this course will have several opportunities to create short pieces of music for moving image and get a chance to play them back for professional advice.

The course will consist of:
● 2 x 2hr live online classes / week
● All classes recorded for student use (during the course only)
● Interactive group challenges and playback sessions
● Special guest speakers
● Music Hackspace Graduate Certificate of Excellence
● 50% discount on your first year subscription to Music Hackspace

Who is this course for?

  • Intermediate to Advanced Musicians: People who already have a foundational knowledge of music and possibly some initial experience in film scoring, and are looking to advance their skills and knowledge.
  • Aspiring Film Composers: Individuals who aspire to become professional film composers and want to gain a deeper understanding of the art, as well as the business side of film scoring.
  • Music Producers: Producers who wish to diversify their skill set by adding film scoring to their repertoire.
  • Film and Media Students: Those studying film, media, or related fields who wish to have a comprehensive understanding of the music that accompanies visual media.
  • Existing Film Composers: Professionals who want to update their techniques, learn new tools, or expand their network.

Course content

  • Working on a film/tv project from pitching to dub mixing
  • Looking at orchestrating and working with VSTs in more detail
  • Documentary, trailer, action, epic, dramedy
  • How to write in styles
  • Specialising in genres
  • Writing for library
  • Assignment: students to review 2 - 3 short scenes from different genres (to be provided) and prepare brief analyses for review
  • How to write a brief
  • Working with Directors
  • Networking
  • What this is, how to do it, working with the creative team and looking at setting up a film in ProTools
  • Assignment: students to be given short scene to score (doesn’t have to be in PT)
  • Peer review of students’ music from (2)
  • Peer review of students’ music from (4)
  • Analysis of an orchestral cue, how a media orchestral session works and differences between media and ‘classical’ orchestrating
  • Guest speaker from Dorico tbc
  • Analysis of a cue from a programming and mixing perspective
  • Spitfire Audio sample Library creation and use
  • Student music playback and advise session
  • Q&A
  • Looking at some recent examples of great film/tv scoring, and relating these to students’ work
  • Formats, sound design, dub mixing, ADR, working with music supervisors and mixing in surround
  • Doing this yourself vs. working with a team
  • Special guest talk with a professional film practitioner colleague of Helen’s to discuss real world project from pitching, spotting, writing and mixing to dub mix, as well as their career and experience in general
  • Student music playback and advise session
  • Q&A


  • Basic Knowledge of Music Theory: Given the advanced nature of the course, a foundational understanding of music theory is essential.
  • Experience with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs): The course delves into working with VSTs and possibly other DAW-specific tools. Prior experience would be beneficial.
  • Equipment: Access to a computer and reliable internet connection for live online classes.

Course schedule

This course will start in January 2024, exact date will be released once registrations are full. Courses will take place online twice a week for 6 weeks, starting between 08 and 09am UK / 5-6pm China Standard Time.

Meet your instructor

Helen Noir (she/her) is a London-based soprano, composer, orchestrator & producer. She writes soundtracks for film, fashion and theatre, most recently for Joseph Wilson's Isn't it a Beautiful World, which premiered at BFI London Film Festival in October 2021. She works specifically with directors and designers to take music from initial composition through recording, orchestration, production and mixing. She also performs regularly with cult performance art group Theo Adams Company, and is an operatic session vocalist.


About Music Hackspace

Music Hackspace is an online education platform teaching music and creative technologies. Started in 2011, Music Hackspace's course portfolio includes over 800 hours of on-demand lessons teaching state of the art techniques to beginners and experienced artists. Music Hackspace has created courses, workshops and meetups in collaboration with leading companies such as Ableton, Arturia, Roland, Android or TouchDesigner, and co-founded the MIDI Innovation Awards with NAMM and The MIDI Association.

About Creat-Ed

Creat-Ed is a creative education consultancy for institutions, businesses and brands. Together we have over 90 years experience, at a senior management level, in Further and Higher Education and the Creative Industries across international markets including China, South East Asia, Europe and the UK. Clients and previous work include Tileyard Education, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Nottingham Trent University, Confetti Institute of Creative Technology, BIMM Group, SAE College, SSR / Spirit Studios, Krems University Danube, Kennesaw State University, Gigrealm, New Media Law.


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