Paul Pignon, 50 years of free improvisation, Thurs 8th of May, 7pm

On Thursday 8th of May, Paul Pignon will be sharing his 50-year experience of free improvisation and engagement with electronic music instruments.

WHERE:  Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, near Hoxton station, at the corner of Cremer street.

WHEN: Thursday 8th of May 2014, 7pm


paul pignon

WHAT: Paul said: “I had imagined it would be some kind of general forum where people talked about what they’re doing or have done, and if anyone was interested I could say a few words about the studio I helped set up in Belgrade and the Synthi 100 custom built for that studio, and/or about some of the programming and composing I have done at EMS Stockholm, and/or about Fylkingen and/or my 50 years experience in free improvisation.

Just off the cuff and brief.

AND ALSO: We invite everyone to come and bring their project to share, get or give advice!

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