Musichackspace performances@Hackthebarbican 15th August, Barbican Centre

The Music Hackspace Performances@HacktheBarbican is an event curated by Blanca Regina, on the 15th of August from 19:00 till 23:00pm -Club Stage, Barbican Centre- Free entrance.

On this occasion, 6 acts by various artists showcase and perform audiovisual pieces that illustrate the diversity of practices and aesthetics of the Music Hackspace.

The event will be presented by Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, who co-founded Music Hackspace in 2011.

Artists include in order of live acts for the event:

ʻLive voice ʼ by Iris Garrelfs
Iris Garrelfs is a sound artist and composer “generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing” as the Wire Magazine put it. Tonight she presents a solo processed voice improvisation.

Blanca Regina & Leafcutter John Improvisation with special guest Steve Beresford

The duo of Blanca Regina and Leafcutter John engages improvisation, technology and live sound and video.Voices, glitches, objects and visuals are the main elements for this playful audio-visual performance.Throughout this year they’ve performed at Music Hackspace several times, developing a multi sensorial improvisation that follows the path of the unexpected, melting their identities with animalistic and other-world creatures.

“Sawbones 13.2” by raxil4, King Sara and P23
raxil4 is the alias of Andrew Page. His dark brooding dronescapes combine analogue and digital sound sources using a variety of equipment. His main instrument for this event will be his handmade sculptural guitar-like device made from driftwood and bones reclaimed from the River Thames. raxil4 will be accompanied by King Sara on musical saw and P23 on percussion.

Sharon Gal “solo performace”
Sharon Gal is a cross-disciplinary artist, performer and experimental musician. Her practice involves vocal and electronics, free improvisation, collaborative group & site specific performances, field recordings and radio broadcasts. Sharon Gal proposes a performance where she will be doing a set for voice and electronics.

cassiel “solo performance”
Nick Rothwell [aka cassiel] improvises with monomes and code with Gemma Riggs visual artist.

Darkroom “solo performance”
Andrew Ostler of Darkroom will give a solo performance combining analogue modular synthesis, digital control and processing, and a traditional acoustic instrument (in the form of bass clarinet). The ethos of Andrew’s work is that all sound sources are live and un-sampled, to allow freedom of creation in the moment. Depending on mood, this can range from exultant soundscapes to pounding noise.


19:00 -19:05 Introduction
19:05 -19:25 Iris Garrelfs
19:30- 20:05 Leafcutter John and Blanca Regina

20:05-20:25 BREAK

20:25-20:30 Introduction
20:30-20:50 “Sawbones 13.2” by raxil4, King Sara and P23
20:55-21:35 Sharon Gal

21:35-21:55 BREAK

21:55-22:00 Introduction
22:00- 22: 20 cassiel
22:25- 23: 00 Darkroom


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