Music Hackspace Performances Event ∞5∞

Friday 4th of Jan 2013
20:00 – 23:30,at TroyGanic, 132 Kingsland Road, E2 8DY London
Entrance: suggested donation 5 pounds

Music Hackspace Peformances night ∞5∞ presents an event of performances with sonic, visual acts and improvisation. The first of 2013 curated by Blanca Regina and Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut includes performances by:

Tamer Karaman
” Tamer’s performance is inspired by the phenomenon of memory. The non-linear way (memory) that our brain makes sense of our linear journey (life) is of eternal fascination & wonder. During extended periods of meditation/hypnotherapy or any other activities involving the emptying of the mind, the constant brainwave activity never ceases but brings with it ideas, concepts and memories in waves.
Tamer recommends that you close your eyes & relax during his performance in order to allow the sounds, the music and the vibes to take you on a mental journey…in every sense of the word”

raxil4 – : “Droning dead stations, lumbering low-end static, and piercing mosquito whines combine with long lost choirs of marooned AM signals. Buzzing street lamps, the echoing yawn of flexing metal, and ambient
bleep-scapes are all shrouded in a thick fog of tape hiss and delay. You’re working the night-shift and drinking beef tea in the abandoned drop forge.”

David Agudelo Bernal

Leafcutter John & Lady Hackspace

Left hand Cuts off the Right


Dor Wand
Hacked worldbits!

Special performance by Dr. Benway

Visuals live art by

Available Limited screenprinted Music hackspace T-shirts by Blanca Regina

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11 years ago

[…] Full details here1. […]

11 years ago

[…] Full details here1. […]

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