Music Hackship Big Band Rehearsal

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Thursday 21th of March 2013
7.00 pm
Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, London

At the upcoming Music Hackship (March 30th) the Hackspace will board the MS Stubnitz for a day and night of workshops, performances, installations, artist talks and more.

As part of the lineup we have the famous Hackspace Big Band. If you would like to play with the big bad band on the night, or want to hang out and get a preview of what’s to come, join us at Troyganic this Thursday at 7pm for a rehearsal (read: jam!).

Details of the Hackship event are available on the Hackship webpage. We also have a Facebook event page, and tickets are available here!

4 Responses to “Music Hackship Big Band Rehearsal”
  1. tony maas says:

    I’d be interested in being in the band, do I have to be a member or can I just turn up?

  2. tony maas says:

    Ot course! I’m just short of the readies at the mo.

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