Music Hack Day report

A few of us attended Music Hack Day, held at the Barbican this week end. Martin had taken some gear and soldering irons from the space that were put to good use by the people there. A list of all the hacks presented on Sunday is available here.

Among the hacks presented, the Music Hackspace was represented by Alex Shaw and Anthony Bowyer Lowe. Alex, with distinctive bright orange hair, presented a collaborative step sequencer that runs on Facebook, presented under the catchy name of Every year I ask for a Nintendo, and every year they give me socks and another bloody step sequencer.

Alex Shaw

Anthony presented the hack Techno is the Word! which takes a word to generate techno and a series of fun statistics, such as their scrabble score and others. Anthony managed to do an online demo that works with Chrome. Check it out.

Techno Is The Word! by Anthony Bowyer-Lowe
Our new friend @rainycat made a wearable instrument, which was the only hardware hack of the session. She deserved a special prize for that and I hope that the next edition of Music Hack Day will feature an award for hardware hacks. Here is her website:

Finally, a special mention to Roderick Hodgson for his helicopter toy turned into a theremin, which captured the audience attention. He called the hack the Helimin.


Photos credits to Thomas Bonte

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