Mick Grierson: Maximilian and OpenFrameworks

Thursday 24/11/2011

Mick Grierson setting up

Maximilian is an open source C++ toolkit for audio dsp.



Maximilian is an open source, MIT licensed C++ audio synthesis library. It’s designed to be cross platform and simple to use. The syntax and program structure are based on the popular ‘Processing’ environment. Maximilian provides standard waveforms, envelopes, sample playback, resonant filters, and delay lines. In addition, equal power stereo, quadraphonic and 8-channel ambisonic support is included. There’s also Granular synthesisers with Timestretching, FFTs and some Music Information Retrieval stuff.

There’s a command line version, and an openFrameworks addon called ofxMaxim. It also works well with Cinder, or just about anything else.



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