Discover the new membership tiers

After two years curating over 200 live courses on music and creative technologies, it was time to launch a full access to our on-demand and live content. Read on to find out more. 


What’s changed?

We are now offering three membership tiers, each grouping existing and upcoming courses based on their level of difficulties. When you become a member, you can access all the courses in that tier, as well as the upcoming live classes for the next twelve months. 

You can still enrol to individual courses without being subscribed to any membership tier. When purchasing a course individually, your access will not expire. 


What are the membership tiers?


Just Curious: This tier is free! That’s right, you can become a member for free, access over 100 recorded courses, participate to monthly meetups,  introduction classes sponsored by our partners, and chat with the community on Discord. This tier will stay free forever.  


Getting Started: Priced at a £100, roughly the price of 3 live workshops, this tier gives you access to all our paid, on-demand beginner classes (worth over £500), but also to all the upcoming live ones in the next 12 months (worth over £1200). This tier is best suited for those who are exploring creative options and want introductions to a various range of technologies. We guarantee a minimum of 3 live classes each month in this tier, and we will consult our members to decide which courses should go up next. 


Going Deeper: Priced at £290, this tier gives you access to every live and on-demand course available on our site, from beginner to advanced, for the next 12 months. This tier is best suited for those who are committed to learning new technologies and dig deep into a range of creative options. We guarantee a minimum of 5 live courses every month, and the members in this tier will have a decisive impact on the programming of upcoming classes. 


Can I upgrade?

An upgrade option will be made available during the Summer 2022. 


With a membership, can I also enrol to upcoming live classes?

Yes, a membership gives access to upcoming live classes that are programmed for that membership tier.