An Interview of Tasos Stamou, by Blanca Regina

I  interviewed Tasos Stamou ( b. Athens ,1978) after the presentation of his work at the Music Hackspace, the 17th May 2012.

When did you start doing circuit bending and what was your motivation?

I started circuit bending and performing experimental music in 2006. My interests can be resumed in two basics: trying to reveal sounds from the “pandora box”,  and the process of recycling and reusing the materials, that is finding new purposes for the objects again.

After circuit bending of audio, I started video bending and preparing installations of electronic and mechanical devices.

When did you come to London and why?

I came in October 2011  for two  reasons: my girlfriend and to “escape” from Athens.

Where have you exhibited and shown you work?

In different galleries and venues. In 2009 I performed at the Bend Festival in New York . I have presented my installations in group exhibitions and various galleries and events. I have done sound installations, and live performances interacting with the objects.

Can you talk about your objects?

I can comment of some of the ones I used tonight.

VCO Stylophone is a circuit bended stylophone.

Field-recoder is a circuit bended soothing machine that reproduces sounds from nature.

Ark- ade  is a bended toy that works as a modular sequencer.

Computerized-arcade  is  a bended step sequencer toy that allows to create your own melodies and manipulate them.

VHS-Synth is a videopainting tool. A circuit bended videomixer that allows you to create effects such as colorize in different ways and create noise. It also  allows to create patterns such as stripes, squares and lines.

Can you talk about your practice, are you developing solo and collaborative works?

I’m a free improviser, a performer, and I develop solo and collaborative works.

In my solo works, I develop a multiphonic approach to composition, where I play with different instruments and let them interact with each other. In my video projects, I work with live video synthesis and live video painting.

In collaborative works I’m regularly improvising with Adachi Tomomi and London Improvisers Orchestra. I also improvise with other artists such as Ignaz Schick and LCDD among others. Duos that involve electroacoustic or electronic equipments but always developing free improvisation.

Thanks for your time and and joining Music Hackspace.

More about Tasos Stamou:

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