2nd Dec 2012, Hi-Tech Kitchenware Workshop

Ever wondered how to make punchy electronic music with your kitchenware? How to take your dinner table to the next level? Just visit the pound shop and come to visit us on Sunday Dec 2nd with some salad bowls, pots, pans and a few electronic components.


The workshop is aimed to put your design ideas into practice. We will start with some kitchenware of your choice (pots, pans, glasses), identify a design, position the sensors and help you build your instrument. No prior knowledge required, open to everyone

The morning session is aimed to provide advice on the best ‘percussive’ solutions, those that will make the most performable instruments.

We will proceed by demonstrating where to put the sensors, the key places for the most interesting performance.

The Arduino, safely encased inside the instruments, will require a simple circuit for the construction of which you will receive step-by-step instructions.

The afternoon might include a quick Ableton Live 8 tutorial on MIDI-mapping (depending on how many users will be using this platform).

We will demonstrate some patches that conjugate the universe of percussion instruments with the one of pitched sound.

At the end of the day, we will organize an ensemble performance for you to join in a jam with all the new instruments.

The Hi-Tech Kitchenware Workshop will be lead by performer and percussionist Enrico Bertelli, instrument builder and Rebel Technology founder Martin Klang and composer David Ibbett.

What to bring?
•    Your laptop with any VST host (e.g. Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper…)
•    Download Ardrumo
•    Arduino*
•    USB for the Arduino
•    Any piece/s of kitchenware you want to use**
*If you don’t have your own, Arduino Uno will be available at an extra cost (£25).
**A kitchenware item per participant will be provided at no extra cost.

All other materials including electronic components and tools will be provided for all participants.

Hi-Tech Kitchenware Workshop
Date: Sunday 2nd Dec 2012
Time: 12pm to 7pm
Location: Music Hackspace. Unit 30, Cremer Business Centre. 37 Cremer Street. London E2 8HD
Fee (bringing your own Arduino): £18
Fee (with Arduino Leonardo included): £36
Please register via workshops@musichackspace.org

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