Hackship Lineup Additions

We are  pleased to announce some awesome additions to our already bursting Music Hackship event:


f(x)img01Alo Allik is confirmed to play on the main stage!

Allik has a musically and geographically restless lifestyle which has taken him through diverse creative environments half way around the northern hemisphere, including eclectic DJ sets, live electronic jams, electroacoustic composition, free improv and multimedia performances all over the US and Europe. He has been hooked on SuperCollider for over 10 years and is currently based in the UK.


Tim Murray-Browne will give a presentation on The Hackspace Ensemble, http://mhproduction.wpengine.com/residency/

Tim Murray-Browne is a sound artist and creative coder who works primarily with installation and performance pieces that investigate themes of discovery, self-expression and how they relate through action, movement and sound. Tim will talk about his residency project: the Hackspace Ensemble; and present the work done so far and some of the ideas behind it.


Jag Bot is presenting his latest work on his amazing DIN project, a bezier curve sound synthesiser:

After 6 years of continuous development on GNU/Linux, DIN Is Noise makes its debut on the Mac OS X on April 1, 2013 🙂  DIN is a software musical instrument that uses Bezier curves for almost all aspects of sound production – waveforms, beats, modulation & FX. DIN is fully microtonal with notes as mere favourites.  Users can play DIN with their mouse like a traditional bowed instrument or create masses of drones on any microtone, edit their timbre and visually modulate them all in realtime.  DIN supports OSC and MIDI for input.  Jag will talk about demons slayed (both philosophical and technical) in bringing DIN to Mac OS X, why DIN will be Free software on GNU/Linux, and how to harness social media for marketing independent software.  Attendees with Macs can leave the room with a free beta release of DIN!





Additionally we will have an exciting site specific sound installation by Kacper Ziemianin, MS Soundbnitz:

Kacper uses microphones that allow us to listen to sounds that are not normally perceptible to human ears (hydrophones for underwater sounds, contact microphones for sounds of solid objects, telephone pick up coils for sounds of electromagnetic fields). Interesting sounds are amplified, and the audience is encouraged to interact and ‘play’ MS Stubnitz.


Tickets are available now, at an early-bird price of only £10 for the whole day; £8 for hackspace members, students and OAPs!

There are also spaces still left for the two workshops, but please book early to avoid disappointment!


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